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How can you help us?...

Production Sponsorship

You might like to offer philanthropic support for us to create a specific fund for productions or contribute to The Royal Challenge. New productions are of course the company’s core business and our life-blood. Production sponsors will have a direct impact on the range and quality of the work we produce and this is vital for our future development – especially as we strive to return to productions in the Theatre Royal, Plymouth.

Artiste/Role Sponsorship

On a smaller scale, you might like to sponsor a particular singer/musician/production role. Your support would be acknowledged in the programme and you would be offered the opportunity to meet the cast and production team after the production at a special reception.

 The Royal Challenge

From 1983 until 2006 PGSF presented annual productions at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. Due to the rising costs of staging a production at ‘The Royal’ (‘The Sorcerer’ in 2006 cost £70,000) it was sadly decided to withdraw from this arrangement and we have been continuing our work at The Athenaeum Theatre and currently The Devonport Playhouse for the last four years. However, we aim to return to the Theatre Royal, where we believe our work deserves to be, and ‘The Royal Challenge’ is our appeal-project specifically raising money to enable us to do this. If you would like to see and hear us back at ‘The Royal’, please contact us quoting ‘The Royal Challenge’. 

Individuals might feel you would like to earn the right to a unique and special relationship with the company, one that is tailor-made to your own requirements and wishes.  This option can be explored in return for a major gift to the company’s fundraising. You might have a specific idea for how you would like to support us.

A Gift in Your Will

If you have been touched by our work and believe in the future of G&S and musical theatre in this region, why not bestow a gift to the company in your will? Future generations can be inspired by the brilliance of Gilbert’s wit, Sullivan’s music and the works they influenced on the musical stage.

Other Ways of Giving

Other ways you might support PGSF are:

-          Gift of Shares

-          Gift of Life Insurance

-          Donating your tax refund

-          Making a gift in Memory or Honour of someone special

-          Standing Orders from your current account each month


Our constitution emphasises the importance of promoting and educating others about the work of Gilbert and Sullivan, as well as the genres of musical theatre and opera generally. Education and outreach are very important in this day and age, so we would like to develop education projects throughout the region.


There are many ways working with PGSF could benefit your business. Sponsorship initiatives, creative learning and unique entertainment and event opportunities could be arranged in return for an agreed fee. 

For further information, please contact us on: